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ICO Development

HorsX Team develop ICO( Initial coin offering) for crypto project. ICO helps company to raise fund for project with the ICO website.

Blockchain game Developement

Blockchain gives a solution to this problem and helps the gaming website secure their virtual assets with a robust mechanism.Features of Blockchain game development( Blockchain, smart contract,ownership of aseets,optimized blockchain).

Private Blockchain development

HorsX is a private blockchain development company that engineers blockchains to work as the specification of your business.Private blockchain empowers you to protect your business in the most secured manner.

You can create your own Blockchain like Etherium, Bitcoin, solana, binance smart chain,Tron(TRC20).

Decentralised App(DAPP) Development

A DAPP does not require a centralised authority to run its operations. For a business, a DAPP is an asset that streamliness all the tasks and gives a great performance.

DeFi Development

Decentralised finance is the future that we all have to embrace sooner or later. This technology works in a different way to improve not just finance but many other segments of operations, it brings a safer and more reliable environment.

DeFi Development services

  • DeFi Token Development
  • DeFi Wallet Development
  • DeFi exchange Development
  • DeFi smart contract Development
  • DeFi Dapp Development
  • DeFi landing platform
  • DeFi applications Development
  • DeFi crowdfunding platform Development
  • DeFi ICO Development
  • DeFi lottery system Development
  • DeFi Staking platform Development
  • DeFi Decentralised Exchange like uniswap , pancakeswap.

Etherium Token Development

Token creation on ERC 20 blockchain,Token transfer,cold storage,Github source code, Listed on etherscan,Token wallet development.

Cryptocurrency Development

We can offer our clients fast and bugfree Cryptocurrency Software at the most competitive price,Create your own cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, Pancake etc.

Smart Contract Development

HorsX makes smart contract perfectly accessible, adaptable and cost effective for every enterprise and startup. Smart contract Development, Smart contract audit, Smart contract optimisation, Smart contract for Dapp build Decentralised application, Smart contract for digital wallet.







Real Estate





Accounting & Finance




Crypto wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet has a pivotel role to play in your crypto trading. The wallet we create are not only secure but also equipped with attributes. Our cryptocurrency wallet services, NFT wallet Development, Defi wallet Development, Tron wallet Development, Binance wallet Development, mobile wallet Development. You can develop your own token wallet with our HorsX Developer team.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Now make your own Cryptocurrency exchange like binance,WazirX, kucoin, hotbit also pancakeswap, uniswap.

IT Services & Solutions


For crypto currency project

Press Release - Press release in big platform, we provide services for promote your token or project in big platform of crypto digital media like cointelegraph, coincodex, zcrypto, icoholder, coinpedia etc

  • YouTube Promotion
  • Instagram Promotion
  • Telegram Promotion
Listing Services

Get your exchange listed on top to bottom crypto exchanges with all the required setup and free media promotion. List on Exchanges and Decentralized exchanges,

Example : Binance, Bittrex, txbit, crex24, mercatox.. Etc

Project listing Services

We help you, List your token on exchanges, and markets like Coin Market Cap and Coingecko. Also get personalised support for listing ICO, Bounty, Wallets, exchanges or any Crypto related offerings.

Publish Articles on popular news sites.

We help you create informative articles, official and guest articles and publish articles on different blockchain and fintech related new sites. Project branding services are offered.

Sites like: Coinpedia. Cruptoslate, Decrypto, cointelegraph.. Etc

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